About Dr. Allison Bailey

Dr. Allison Bailey of IHFA NH

About Dr. Allison Bailey

Dr. Allison Bailey of IHFA NH

Dr. Allison Bailey, Founder of Integrative Health, and Fitness Associates NH

Achieve Optimum Health and Wellness.

Dr. Bailey’s focus is to help people solve their pain, feel better, and get back to moving well to live life to the fullest. She combines a highly effective style of Japanese acupuncture with a Western-based style of trigger point needling (sometimes called dry needling), tailoring her treatment to each patient’s personal needs.

She is a medical acupuncturist specializing in Japanese Acupuncture Styles. Allison has trained with internationally recognized experts and is known for her ability to translate integrative medicine techniques into her practice. She also is the Course coordinator and an instructor for Integrated Structural Acupuncture, a world-renowned medical acupuncture training program.

Allison has experience treating people with Chronic Pain, Myofascial Pain, Spine Conditions (such as neck and back pain), Joint problems (such as foot, ankle, knee, hip, and shoulder pain), Osteoarthritis, headaches, sleep disorders, weight control, and various OB-GYN issues.

She brings a results-oriented open-minded approach to healthcare and healing, drawing from a broad spectrum of knowledge and experience, new options, and approaches to help you heal.

After nearly two decades of back-and-forth weekend trips to satisfy her children’s ski habits, she is thrilled to be able to call North Conway her permanent home.


  • Resident, Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation (PM&R) through Harvard Medical School’s program at Spaulding Rehabilitation Hospital in Boston
  • A board-certified specialist in Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation 
  • Medical Acupuncturist
  • Course coordinator and instructor for the Integrated Structural Acupuncture training program


  • Takes a whole-body approach to health, looking beyond surgery and medications as treatments. 
  • Focuses on function and quality of life rather than on a particular organ system or disease.  
  • Is collaborative, recognizing the importance of other members of the healthcare team, including physical therapists, occupational therapists, and psychologists. 
  • Puts patients at the center of their care, focusing on what is most important to them and involving them in every step of their recovery.
  • Is open-minded in its approach to health with a growing acceptance of the value of other methods of healing, such as nutrition, yoga and acupuncture.